16th Colombo Scout Troop

16th Colombo Scout Troop


Quite apart from all your books at home, school and the usual routine in your daily life including surfing the net and playing computer games, here is a chance for you try something new in your life – a new avenue awaits you… Something which you have probably never dreamed of…

Started in Sri Lanka with the prime objective of making “Better use” of the free time of boys, Scouting has grown to be a worldwide movement. The World Scout Movement is now the biggest youth body in the world comprising more than 30 million members. “Smart, Courteous, Obedient, Useful and Trustworthy” citizens have been the marvelous fruit of this movement for the last 105 years, since its inception in 1907 as the brainchild of Lord Robert Baden-Powell.

Scouting, as we all know, is a worldwide movement for youth aimed at producing community-minded, independent and able individuals and young leaders who see beyond sectarianism and narrow self-interest in the ordering of their lives and influencing the lives of people around them.

Among the many Scout Troops in Sri Lanka, the 16th Colombo Scout Troop of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia has performed extremely well over its past 90 years of existence, adhering in line with the above objectives and thus achieving the mission of Scouting.