Science Section

Headmaster – Mr. Swarnakeerthi Perera

  Headmaster   Mr. W .P .S . Perera  
  Sectional Head of Coll . Sci E   Mrs. M.D . Leelani  
  Sectional Head of Coll . Sci A   Mrs. J.K.M. Fernando  
  Sectional Head of Coll . Sci B   Mrs. W.P.M.N. Weerawardana  
  Faculty Head of Physics   Mr. S. Srikanagasabai  
  Faculty Head of Chemistry   Mrs. K.T.D. Abeynayake  
  Faculty Head of Biology   Mrs. M.Rupasingham  
  Faculty Head of Combined Mathematics   Mr. K.Ganeshaligam  

Mr. S. Srikanagasabei Mrs. C.R. Dias
Mr. B.S.U. Perera Mrs. J.K.W. Fernando
Mr. Ganeshalingam Mrs. M. Rupasinham
Mrs. A. Rajapaksha Mrs. U.T. Galagedara
Mrs. S. Goonathileke Mrs. K.T.D. Abeynayake
Mrs. O.C.M. Malage Mrs. W.P.M.N Weerawardena
Mrs. P.A. Aldeniya Mr. K.I.N Perera
Mr. D.G.S.S. Delpagoda Mr. A. Sivakumar
Mr. K.C. Weerasekera  

Two subjects Streams are offered in the Science Section

1. Physical Science

Main Subjects

  • Physics
  • Chemistry / ICT
  • Combined Mathematics

2. Biological Science

Main Subjects

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Except ICT all others subjects can be studied in Sinhala, Tamil and English medium. ICT is available only in English medium.

Apart from the above subjects all students study General English as A compulsory additional subject in both subject streams