London Advanced Level section

Co- Head Mistress,
Mrs. R. M. Kulendran
Co-Head Mistress,
Mrs. S. P. Edirisinghe

Mr. M.N. Zubair Ms. T. Ganeshan
Mr. K.N. Imbuldeniya Mrs. W. Gregory
Mrs. F. Siriwardana Mrs. A. Senadeera
Mrs. T.K. Illankoon Mrs. H. Yatawara
Mr. S. Aravinthan Mr. K. Senaratne
Mrs F. I. Masnavi Miss T Ganeshan
Mrs D M Herft (Goonathillake)

S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia prepares students for the Edexcel GCE Advanced Level in most subjects and for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) GCE Advanced Level for a few subjects, as indicated below:

Edexcel syllabus       
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics and English Literature, Law, Psychology

Cambridge Syllabus

Please be advised that the Edexcel and Cambridge curricula require an extremely high standard of English. Only students who obtain a minimum of 50% at the Aptitude Tests will be allowed pursue their studies in the London Advanced Level section.


In addition, subject specific requirements are as follows :

  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology: Minimum Grade B in Science
  • Computer Science: Minimum Grade B in Local O/L ICT or a Computing- related subject at GCSE.
  • Law, English Literature : Minimum 65 % at the Aptitude Test in English Language .
  • Further Mathematics : Minimum 65% at the Aptitude Test in Mathematics.

After the results of the Aptitude Tests are available, an interview with the parents and the student will be held in order to guide students in their choice of subjects. The dates and times of the interviews will be notified in due course.


Minimum requirement for Edexcel/Cambridge Examination Applications

The students are required to achieve a minimum of 40% for each subject at the end-of-Term examinations and maintain a minimum attendance record of 80% in order to be eligible for submission of examination entries through College.


Fees Structure

The term fees for London A/L section is almost double that of the Local A/L fees. There are no scholarships/bursaries available for London A/L section students. You are kindly advised to study the College Handbook for the year 2017 for more details.


Subject Combinations

Students are required to choose one subject from each of the following groups. They are advised to keep in mind their career goals and the requirements of their Universities, before making their choices.

A subject with less than 5 applicants may not be made available.


Please read through the following notes(i) to (iv) before entering you choices in the form below.


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Physics Further Mathematics Biology
Accounting* Chemistry Business  Studies*
Psychology* Economics Mathematics (with Statistics)
Law* Mathematics (with Mechanics)
English Literature


(i) Subjects marked with an asterisk  ( *)  are considered ‘soft’ subjects by top universities in the UK, and may not therefore be considered by those universities for admission.

(ii) Students who choose Further Mathematics  should choose Physics and Mathematics (with Mechanics).This is a useful combination for those intending to pursue higher studies in Engineering.

(iii) Students who choose Mathematics (with Mechanics) should also choose Physics.

(iv) Students may choose a fourth subject and follow classes privately, provided it does not involve laboratory work or submission of coursework. They cannot therefore choose Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  English Literature and Travel and Tourism  as their fourth subject.

You may contact 0115746392 for any clarifications or e-mail