United Nations Club

United Nations Club

The United Nations Club of S. Thomas’ College


The United Nations Club a Conglomerate of S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia was established in the year 2000 along with the intention of instilling the UN’s core values of Integrity, Professionalism & Respect for Diversity, among students. Ever since, the Club has shown immense growth in terms of both, membership and activities. The UN club is regarded as one of the most active clubs at S. Thomas’. The annual events organized by the Club are UN Day, Rugby 7’s, Cricket Sixes, health camps & a large scale musical concert known as ‘Xtaztic’.


The UN club of S. Thomas’ is uniquely placed to facilitate programs to create awareness on Issues concerning civil society, reconciliation, democracy building, human rights, economic situation etc. among various youth groups. In addition we engage in community service around the country throughout the year. Thereby our prime goal is to provide assistance in whichever way we can to the less privileged communities suffering from deprivation & poverty and also to set an example,to encourage and motivate the organizations or communities who can provide such service to do so.



Xtaztic, the annual fundraiser of the club is a large scale musical concert organized to raise money to be utilized throughout the year in our various community service projects which are conducted in various places around the country. The concert first organized a decade ago has grown from attracting crowds of around 5oo people at venues such as the Bishops College auditorium, to a staggering amount of around 1500 people at venues such as CR&FC grounds, within the last 4 years. This has enabled us to earn more profit assisting us in our venture of striving to do more and more social service projects from year to year.

‘Xtaztic’ has provided emerging artistes the opportunity to share the stage with Professionals of the Sri Lankan music industry. ‘Xtaztic’ has been recognized as a concert that never fails to provide high quality entertainment. Inaugurated in 2006 with the intention of providing exposure for emerging artistes, ‘Xtaztic’, has evolved into a concert worth attending. It is also worthwhile mentioning that ‘Xtaztic’ 2013 comprised of a mammoth budget of around 2.5 million. This proves that over the last few years ‘Xtaztic’ has become one of the more sought after events in the Sri Lankan calendar.




Annual Health camp & Charity Project, Ampara

The United Nations Club of S. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia organized its annual health camp in Batticaloa as one of its social service projects for the year 2013. The camp was held on the 13th of July mainly focusing on providing medication free of charge to those who did not have access to proper medical facilities.

The Health camp was organized with the cooperation of the army personnel in charge of the area.


Medical advice and diagnosis was provided by the doctors who volunteered, while free medication was prescribed and was handed out to those in need.

While medication for the patients was mainly purchased by the club, we also received donations from well wishers who are involved in the medical field.

We were able to recruit interns from the Colombo medical faculty as well as from the nearby area to help us conduct this health clinic.

Further we received help from specialists in the pharmaceutical trade to assist in running the dispensary.

In conclusion the health camp was a tremendous success with around 200 residents arriving to receive treatment for various illnesses. The clubs mission of providing this essential service to those who are truly in need of it was thereby achieved.

Furthermore we also donated a few items of furniture and cooking utensils to an orphanage in Ampara. The orphanage was for people suffering from Down’s syndrome. In addition we intend to carry out similar projects by utilizing the funds raised from our annual fundraiser ‘Xtaztic’ in the near future.