Islamic Society

Islamic Society

The Islamic Society of S. Thomas’ College

The Islamic Society of S. Thomas’ College

The Islamic Society organized the annual Ifthaar in which, parents, old boys, members of the staff, guests from invited schools and members of the society took part.


Islamic Day of S.Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia

The 28th annual Islamic Day organized by the Islamic society of S.Thomas’ College mount lavinia was held at the college main hall on the 2nd of November 2013. The Chief Guest for this event was the business director of MAS active and a distinguished old boy Mr. Ashiq Lafir. The Sub Warden of S.Thomas’ college graced this event as the guest of honor whilst Mr. Inthkab Zufar was the guest speaker.

The Islamic society of S.Thomas’ college Mount Lavinia was formed to represent the muslim student body of the college and to carry out activities related to Islam in the school. The society is in charge of conducting the daily morning religious prayers session for all the Muslim students of the school. As one of the minor communities of the school the club has been so far successfully organizing events like the annual ifthar program during the month of Ramazan and the Islamic day.

The main objective of organizing this event was to distribute awards for the prize winners of the Islamic day competitions held in late March 2013.

The event started off with the recital of qirath by a middle school student which was followed by a welcome song by the students of the lower school. The President Shimer Fazil welcomed all who were present at the occasion. Afterwards Sub Warden Rev.Marc Billimoria emphasized the importance of peace among religions in his speech. As an old thomian, college prefect and a former president of the Islamic society, the chief guest Mr.Ashiq Lafir mentioned the development of religious belief of Islamic students as a whole over the past few years while comparing his school days with the present.

The most anticipated and the highlighted item of the day was the inter school quiz competition finals. The finalists quiz teams from Amal International School and Zahira College which comprised of 4 members each battled it out on stage as they had to answer the questions in a limited period of time. The questions consisted of general knowledge, Islamic history and law which were conducted in 2 rounds. Eventually the team from Amal International School won by 1 point after a close competition.

The winners of the inter school Qaseeda competition; The students from Bishops College performed a qaseeda which brought the audience back to the event right after the interval. The guest speaker Mr.Inthikab Zufer spoke about the current state of Islam. One important thing which he mentioned went out to all the students who were there was that, what the school has given to us does not matter, what matters is that what we give to our school.

An amateur Islamic band name Naqshsufiensemble performed few qaseedas which was followed by the awards ceremony. Awards were given out to the winners of the inter school Islamic day competitons.The vote of thanks was given out by the secretary Mushahid Saeed who thanked everyone who helped out to make this event a success. The event concluded with the singing of the college song.

Malik Jameel