Josephians Regain Lady Jayathilake Sheild

The teams took to the field on an overcast evening at the Havelock Park. Dion Dias kicked off the evening’s proceedings. Just 7 minutes into the game, the boys from Maradana drew first blood with Sachith Silva breaking through the defence and sprinting like a bolt of lightning all the way from the 50 meter line to score under the post for his Alma Mater. Silva himself added the extras with his boot. (STC 00-SJC 07)

The Josephians didn’t just stop there but kept going and five minutes later another try came along their way. This time the try came off a turnover from a Thomian scrum and Perera skipped over the whitewash to add five more points to his team’s total. Once again Sachith Silva easily added the extras. (STC 00-SJC 14)

When things were starting to look bad for the Thomians it got a whole lot worse. The Josephians kept building through their phases until the ball was handed to Sachith Silva, the wing of the Josephian line up. Silva managed to sneak through the tiniest of gaps in the Thomian defence and cross the line for the 2nd time of the day. After the tiresome sprint Silva handed the ball to Chathura Senevirathne hoping that he would add the extras but he was unsuccessful in doing so. (STC 00-SJC 19)

The Thomians finally decided that the scoreboard must keep ticking and some beautiful side stepping and sprinting by Mayon Jayawardena in the 24th minute gave them the opportunity. Jayawardena broke through the Josephian defence and handed a beautiful off load to Sharith Nanayakkara who went under the post to get the Thomians out of the zero point zone. Dion Dias was able to easily convert the try. (STC 07-SJC 19)

In the 30th minute the Josephians were handed another opportunity on a silver platter when Dion Dias’ kick was unable to reach touch. Chathura Senevirathne, the Josephian fly half sped through the Thomian defence and scored yet another easy try under the post giving his team another five points. Sachith Silva easily managed to kick in the extras, giving his team a 19 point lead even before the half time whistle. (STC 07-SJC 26)

At the half time mark all odds seemed to be against the boys from Mount Lavina with the Josephians having a 19 point lead on them. (STC 07-SJC 26)

The second half seemed a hopeful one for the Thomians as their ball handling improved drastically after the 10 minute break. Their reward came along in the 47th minute of the game. A strong rolling maul by the Thomians drew them ever so closer to the whitewash and Christian De Lile went over the line to add five more to the Thomian total. Unfortunately for the boys in Blue and Black the conversion didn’t come their way. (STC 12-SJC 26)

There was still plenty of time for the boys from Mount Lavinia to turn the match in their favour but the Josephian defence looked too great a task for them. The Josephians still looking to grow in their lead and secure this game in their favour attempted a penalty kick from the 22 meter mark but Sachith Silva was unsuccessful in getting the ball between the uprights. The Josephian tribe had lost their fluency completely in the second half of this game until a perfect opportunity came their way but sloppy ball handling once again ruined their chances of growing on their lead.

The Thomians still fighting to keep this match alive had an opportunity to grab another 7 points. Similar to the previous try a powerful maul brought them extremely close to the line but after many phases they were unsuccessful to cross it as a result of poor ball handling one again and of course a very strong Josephian defence.

The lost momentum of the Josephians was found once again when they went across the line as the match was now nearing its end.  Unfortunately for the boys in Blue and White the player who went over the whitewash was held up by the Thomain defence and since the ball did not touch the ground the try was not awarded. In the final minute of the match Chathura Senevirathne was looking for his second try of the evening and made an excellent sprint towards the try line but a stunning try saving tackle came in from Aaron Ferdinando which wrapped up proceedings of the evening at the Havelock Park with the Josephians regaining the Lady Jayathilake sheild. (STC 12-SJC 26)

Sarith Fernando