The English Drama Society celebrated 146 years of rich history and tradition by organising its Annual Inter-House Drama Competition. It was held on the 11th of February 2017 at the College Main hall. All four houses had commendable performances. Stone house emerged as champions, to retain the trophy for the second consecutive year. While Buck house emerged as runners-up.

Following awards were awarded to

  1. Anuk Dharmasena of Buck house – Best Actor
  2. Sebastian Sansoni of Stone house – Best Supporting Actor
  3. Devishke De Silva of Stone house – Best Playwright
  4. Dhanuk Fernando of De Saram house – Best Director
  5. Kazeem Hameem of De Saram house – Best Stage Manager

‘Who said there is no drama in drama’ written by Devishke De Silva was a comedy performed by Stone house. By having a play inside a play, Stone house managed to bring out the politics involved in productions. What really happens behind the curtains. Arjun, played by Jason was their lead character. Sebastian Sansoni was highly commended for his role as he played such a small part in the play in the play successful despite being stage manager.

Anuk Dharmasena based his play, ‘The Wine Glass’, around the general truth that a series of unfortunate events could cause anyone to breakdown. Buck house emerged as runners-up for their realistic portrayal in a comic matter of a man who breaks down after going through an emotional roller-coaster over the span of just two days.

Wood house script written by Jonathan Cruse, ‘Bless Her Soul’, was the only tragedy play and a rather controversial play from all four plays. Wood house managed to enact the simple miscommunication and misunderstanding between parents and children about freedom how it possibly lead to drastic consequences.

Like Stone house and Buck house, De Saram house too performed a comedy titled ‘No Ordinary Funeral’. It was about a ‘funeral’ also known as a ‘family reunion’.  But for Josiah, played by Dhanuk Fernando, it was not just an ordinary family reunion. De Saram’s timing of humour was excellent and drove the audience wild. Dhanuk Fernando who wrote the script, directed and played the lead role did a fantastic job.

All in all, the Thomian actors and casts performed exceptionally while upholding the high standards set in the past years. The society owes their thanks to Ms. Michelle Goonetilleke the Teacher in charge who sacrificed her time and effort to make this event a success.

Jonathan Cruse