Gripping Ninety Minute Soccer Encounter Ends In Draw, Thomians Retain Trophy But Trinity Comes Out In Strength To Avoid Loss.

 The annual Trinity-Thomian soccer encounter got off to a thrilling start with both teams battling it out on full gear in the early evening of the 14th of October amidst a fairly modest crowd. Both teams were, equally matched with strong attacking forwards but the Thomians lacked a strong defense but made up for the flaw with striker A. Laffar , Midfield D.Dias who managed to harass the much experienced and superior Trinitian defense comprising of S. Wijewardena, Udayatha Giragama and R. Jayasinghe who gave no opportunity for the Thomian side.

                                              The first half began with quite some action as both teams tried hard to gain the glory of opening the scoreboard. The first ten minutes saw both teams missing golden opportunities to score sitter goals but both goalkeepers M. A. Hameem of the Thomian side and D.B Jayasinghe of Trinity held back and saved many sure goals. The rest of the 1st half went without both teams managing to convert and take the upper hand. However Trinity had the majority of possession during the 1st half keeping the Thomian defense on constant alert.

                         The 2nd half turned into a battle zone as both teams woke up and started upping their game. The game ball became a mortar of destruction as both teams used it to deadly intent. However it failed to ignite because both teams misjudged its potency and missed many vital opportunities to do woeful harm to either opponent. The last few minutes continued as much a dull affair with a few players feeling the pounding of battle wounds, and were taken off the field on both sides. Finally the referee called an end to play after a plus 3 minute injury time. The match ended in a solid draw helping the Thomians to recover their lost territory but at a hard earned cost due to the excellent Trinitian counter- attacks and tactics.

Vinesh Perera

Courtesy: STC Media Unit

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