Thomian squad retains Dr R.L Hayman trophy for fourth consecutive year with easy win over Royal

The annual Dr R.L Hayman water polo 2nd leg encounter between S.Thomas College and Royal College got off to a pulsating start at the Sugathdasa Swimming complex admist a heavy crowd, VVIP’S and some veterans of both schools. Both teams were a formidable match. S.Thomas College being led by the 4th year coloursmen A. Francis was assisted by “the friendly” giant S. Jayatillake. Royal on the other hand was held sway by K. Asallarachchi and along with Vice Captain T. Ranasinghe . Both these teams were on a keen interest of gaining the win.


The match started with the Thomians gaining possession but failing to open scoring, Royal made do and quickly penetrated the Thomian half several shots. The agile goal keeper D. Kumarasinghe fortunately saved many sure goals for the Thomians. Much chaos ensued for much of the first quarter and both teams failed to convert but I.Kahandawala came all guns blazing to open scoring in the second quarter. Royal answered on the next attack and scored through D.Dias who managed to spin the ball through the blind spot of the Thomian goalkeeper to level the scores. S. Jayatillake who was in near perfect form scored a goal alongside his skipper A.Francis who also managed to convert leaving the Thomians with a 2 point lead. Royal, however were looking towards the gullet of dire straits but Hope in the form of B. Yakoob managed to break the Thomian defense to score a clean goal. S. Jayatillake conceded a buzzer beater before the call to halftime.

The third quarter once again weighed in favor for the Thomians when, frog prince, savoiur of the blue and black renegade, S. Jayatillake scored a much needed goal and then S. Ebenezer who managed to trick the Royal goalkeeper in conceding an own goal. However Royal answered back with goals with T. Ranasinghe, S. Samaranayake and S. Dissanayake but that wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught of S. Jayatillake and S. Molligoda who added the Thomian scores to reach the final victory call at the end of the fourth quarter to secure the fourth consecutive win for the Thomian aquatic lads amidst a hysterical Thomian crowd. Royal fought on desperately till the last second but time was of the essence but sadly they ran out of it when referees Dr. Lee Hock Hee and  Pinate Rerkasame who were fair and vigilant at all times, announced the end of play.

At the end of play, the Thomian crowd burst into a symphony of cheers amidst the tears of the Thomian players as S.  Jayatillake was awarded the Most Valuable Player and the Hayman trophy was handed over to the skipper A. Francis. Royal however, were the pictures of true discipline and gentlemanlike behavior as they accepted defeat with an open heart which sadly is a rare gem these days . One lesson we all can learn from this is that no matter how many medals are draped around our necks or awards flung at our selfish natures, we must never forget that these sports were created to teach us brotherhood, intellect and comradeship and this clearly was the attitude at the Dr R.L Hayman encounter of 2016.



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