The Thomian Literary Festival 2016




I was excited when my English teacher told us that a Literary Festival was going to be held at S.Thomas’ for the very first time. I was eagerly waiting until more details were told to us.

The Thomian Literary Festival was held on Saturday the 25th of June at the Lower School premises. The students of the Lower School and Middle School participated.

The day included;

  1. Spelling Bee
  2. Speech Competition
  3. Poetry Recitation
  4. Character Parade

The Spelling Bee was conducted by Senior Students under the supervision of an English teacher. The second runner-up, First runner-up and the Champion as the ‘Young Speller 2016’ were awarded and the rest of the participants were presented with certificates of participation for being selected as one of the ‘Top Ten Spellers’ at the final round in the Lower School and Middle School.

The final round of the Speech and Recitation competitions were held that day. The Essay competition was held two weeks prior to the event.

The Character Parade was a fun filled memorable event. Students from Form 2 up to Form 5 had the opportunity to take part in this. There were lots of students dressed up as their favorite character holding a name board displaying the character they were representing. There were Super Heroes as well as characters from books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many others. All were awarded with a certificate of participation.

There was a stall which sold books from ‘Chapters’ and Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Shop which sold mouth-watering, scrumptious chocolates.

‘The Pantagraph’ a collection of literary contributions from the students of the Middle School was also for sale.

The ‘On Display’ counter had a collection of student posters of their favourite authors and characters, comic strips, book covers and photographs of ‘Funny places we read at’. These were all great contributions which displayed the creativeness of the students.

The Awards Ceremony commenced at 12.00 noon. The Chief Guest was Professor Nihal De Silva.

Finally this great day ended which gave the students an excellent opportunity to enhance and discover their hidden talents. A very big ‘THANK YOU’ to all the teachers of the Faculty of English who encouraged us all the way!

Savindu Edirisinghe
Upper 4 B

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