GCE Ordinary Level Examination Achievers 2015

Last year’s GCE OL Exam results were released in the month of April 2016. The overall results at the Ordinary Level exam showed a marginal improvement in the success rate, compared to previous years. 


Many students of S.Thomas’ College, Mt.Lavinia achieved excellent results at the 2015 GCE Ordinary Level Exam, according to results released by the Examinations Department.

At this year’s examination 36 students excelled in the GCE Ordinary Level Exam in 2015 by obtaining 9 distinctions for all the subjects. The obtained results were a credit to the whole teaching team.

Effort is the process, achievement is the outcome. Children spend their time in the effort, and so this is what they can change. The achievement is the result of the effort.

I would like to appreciate the hard work and the kindness  of teachers in the upper school of the College for the great achievements of the boys who have excelled at the GCE O/L examination. Teachers hold the future of our communities and our nation in their hands. Teachers are the single most important factor in a student’s learning beyond curriculum, technology, or community partnerships. They are the initiators of student’s learning, by providing the knowledge through communicating and touching not just students’ minds, but their hearts, as well. Nobody will ever match the power of the teacher who is able to whisper in a student’s ear.

There is a fascinating factor about our school that the pupils are all kept in the same classroom, regardless of their abilities in different subjects. This stance serves as a great encouragement to ever single student.


The most important thing that any student can do is to perform to their fullest potential at all times. This is the key to success.  Not everyone is a high achiever, but everyone can do their best.

The Students who achieved the highest qualifications at the Ordinary Level 2015

1. N U Ranaweera                              19. D A T Weerakkody

2. G S N Aponso                                20. M F Vazeer

3. P A B Yasendra                              21. S C P Ephraims

4. R M T S N Kaduruwewa                   22. D R Wijayaratna

5. K D Dahanayake                             23. M P A Fernando

6. V C Tennakoon                               24. S C Sahabandu

7. G M O Wijayarathne                        25. K R D Fernando

8. V D Liyanagamage                          26. B I R Mendis

9. A T M U C B Tennakoon                   27. W M H C Weerasinghe

10. A H T N S Dharmasena                  28. M D S Fernando

11. N A Abunahb                                29. N S S Hemakumara

12. R Thanushgar                               30. K A S Kamarudeen

13. H P L Fernando                             31. S Abishek

14. S R Hettiarachchi                          32. A Rajenthran

15. Y H Jayasinghe                             33. D Yuveshanth

16. D S Samaraweera                        34. S Senthushaan

17. K Y K Senaratne                          35. V Gajoashan

18. H M P D B Palapathwela                36. C N Gurusinghe


Credits, STC Media Unit

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