Royal Opens The Second Day With Strong Batting

Due to adverse weather effects, Royal was unable to bat on the first day of 137th Battle of the Blues but on the second to immense margin of 350 runs scored by the Thomians the earlier day. The Thomian side, also with many experienced fielders and bowlers with Sachitha Jayatilleke , captain of the young Thomian side, seems to have the upper hand in the bowling side of things.

However it is too early in the day to make assumptions as Royal has a very aggressive batting side and can be quite unpredictable. Only time can tell whether which team can come out victorious. Royal opened the day with Naveen Withanapathirana and Ronuka Jayawardana, both experienced batsmen, opened the day giving the Thomians a run for their money.

Courtesy: Media Unit of S.Thomas’ College

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